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The Flamingo Lady Nails

The Flamingo Lady Nail 


The best Nail polish Strips or Wraps around at the best prices 

Non--toxic and safe (No yucky Formaldehyde)Easy to apply & remove (so Easy)

 High quality & long lasting (about a week- even more if you use a top coat)

 Brilliant and salon-quality (Happy Nails) 

Quick removal with polish remover (even the glitter ones are easy to take off) 

Formulated without DBP, toluene & formaldehyde 

What they are made from:

Nontoxic Paper + Nail Polish + Glue + PET film

About me & the wraps

Hi I'm Rachel Bierman from sunny South Florida  & I started TFLNails when I was looking for safe affordable , nail polish strips for myself, that were non mlm & free from all the icky ingredients  that other companies were selling . Over a year later , here I am . 

Need to reach us 


or 561-985-4429 

The second ? I get asked all the time where I get my wraps & why I don’t use American manufactures.

Well let me answer both questions for you

First of all I get my wraps from a few trusted manufactures who are tested in Germany & meet & exceed European standards.

why you ask well the EU bans over 1,300 toxic, yucky & harmful ingredients from personal care products and USA only bans 30 .

This is why I choose to only order from sources that meet & exceed EU standards.…/fda-begins-first-inquiry-of-lightly-……/us-vs-european-skin-care-stan…/…/06/48912/banned-cosmetics…/g7597249/banned-cosmetic-in…/

The Flamingo Lady Nails

* 10 Free

*Vegan Friendly

*The Best ever