Bachelor in Paradise Episode 3 Recap

Bachelor in Paradise Episode 3 Recap

It's episode 3 of the Bachelor in paradise recap
October 15, 2023 — Rachel Bierman
Bachelor in Paradise Episode 2

Bachelor in Paradise Episode 2

Paradise Episode 2

First comes up the cast intros. These are fun & ever-changing with the cast with the Almost Paradise song. It's a kind of perfection. Corny perfection, but hey, we are here for the corn & tea, so let's get back to the beach...

October 08, 2023 — Rachel Bierman
Bachelor in paradise Season 9 Episode 1

Bachelor in paradise Season 9 Episode 1

Paradise Night One

First of all, a mini introduction. Hi, I'm Rachel B. & I Own the Flamingo Lady Nails; I also love The Bachelor series & Barbies, so here are my weekly Bachelor in Paradise recaps. What can you expect? Well, a little snark, okay, so a lot of snark, some fun Barbie Pics & of course, a weekly recap to keep up with what's happening in Paradise. We already have a love triangle on night one. , so we can expect an enjoyable season.




Now it's time to see who will fall in love in Paradise.

We open up with our host, Jessie & first up is Bachelorette Rachel; you may remember her from Clayton's season of The Bachelor & she was actually The Bachelorette. But now she is here in Paradise to find real, for real, this time  actual true "love." She does look fabulous but seemed a bit surprised to be the first one.  



Next up to the Beach is Aaron from Charity's season; he seemed excited to see the summer Has in store. Next up, we get a few more.
Brooklyn, the Spitfire Rodeo Racher from Texas. Cat is the Big City girl from New York who loves to Sail. Sean fancies himself to be a Ken doll; Will, who I do not remember at all (sorry, I don't); next to the Beach is Kylee, who Clayton dumped on Zoom. Yay for COVID-19, anyway. She's made it quite clear she's there for Aven & she has been social media flirting with him.



Everyone is on the Beach getting to know each other. Aaron & Will are both into Kylee but are really just chatting about how much they hate ....
So, of course, Braydon is next up on the Beach with his dangling earrings & boisterous personality. Then in walks Eliza, who left early last season because love is complicated. Next in Greer, another one I don't remember, . Next is Mercedes, the farm girl with great hair & another Aaron.



Now we have even more people vibing on the Beach & we get a little montage of how many times they use the word vibe. It is like a whole vibe. On it's own 

Next up on the Beach is Sam, who, like none of us know, cause she greeted Clayton in a bathtub on day 1  & decided, yuck, so she left. I can honestly say Go, Sam, I like you already. But she gets really nervous develops a rash & takes a few to get herself on the Beach. 



Somehow, Olivia is on the Beach, already flirting & asking Will to suck her toes. Yeah, that was weird. He did not suck her toes but gave her the first official Paradise kiss. It was really odd, but Olvia was all into Will like he was the greatest thing since peanut butter.
Anyway, back to introductions, in walks Jess, the girl who loves glitter from Clayton's season. Sean says he is all into Jess cause they are both Swifties. Jess is like, cool, you like Swift. But see ya. Then, in walks Blake, the cool dude who rescues sharks & that is it for the first day of Paradise.

Now we have our little Pow wow with Jessie, where he talks about finding love & doing all the Paradise things. & hands a date card to Kylee. Mind you, Kyles's primary goal is to stay there till Aven gets there & knows Will is her best shot at a rose. She also knows that he already kissed (Olivia. Olivia is off telling everyone). Kylee took a few minutes to think about it & decided to take Will on the date. 

They ate Dinner in a shallow pool & Will fell in the pool. They talk about Olivia's kiss & Will assures Kylee that she is his #1. It's super essential cause guys give out roses this week & 4 women will go home this week.

Meanwhile, back on the Beach, Olivia is bitching & crying over some dude she met a few hours ago, even using this fun quote "At the end of the day, she's gotta taste me, I don't gotta taste her." While a great line, it's a bit dramatic & he's a dork. 

Next, we have Wells, the Bartender, telling Braydon to suck it up and get over Kylee. It's night one & flirts a little. He gets up & finds Kat & starts to flirt away. Getting cozy & kissy very quickly. She likes his earrings & he likes her hotness.

Now we have Sean & Rachel making out & she is saying, "I Feel like Barbie & Ken." Jess & Blake are kissing. Aaron B & Mercedes & Aaron S., and Sam are also kissing. It's a whole lot of kissing for a day well, night 1 


Next, we have Day 2 


The boys are working out chatting & the girls are putting on makeup. Olivia is still huffy & puffy over Will. They finally talk. He says he owes her nothing, and she is still hurt. They are both right. He should have said something before he left for his Kylee date. She huffs & puffs & says under her breath, you're just a placeholder & rose till Aven gets there & that's it for episode one. 

Next up are previews for the next episode & the whole season. It looks like we are getting Aven & poop problems for the next week..

Please check back next week for Bachelor in Paradise Episode 2.


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October 01, 2023 — Rachel Bierman
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September 15, 2023 — Rachel Bierman
Shipping in the Midst of a Pandemic

Shipping in the Midst of a Pandemic

What a year 2020 has been!  The influx of packages and mail going though The United States Postal Service (USPS) has reached unprecedented levels that no one was prepared for.  From more online shopping to mail in ballots to prioritized shipments for COVID-19, the very infrastructure of our mail system is completely overwhelmed.  Even our own processing times are longer due to our COVID-19 policy that can be found here:

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What does this mean for you and your TFLNails order?

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What can you do? 

Well, honestly, not a lot. 

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  • Be kind to your delivery workers.  I know if I was one, I'd probably have a good cry every day after work.
  • Be patient - I'm sure they are doing the best they can

In closing, yes, it's frustrating, yes, it's the holidays, yes, we all want our nail orders!  We are in this together, and we are all waiting for our orders.  I sure do wish I had a magic wand to end the pandemic havoc, but, alas, I do not.  So until that happens, I will wait for my packages right along side you!

Written By: Liz Ortega

December 19, 2020 — Liz Ortega
Meet Our Head Flamingo

Meet Our Head Flamingo

Hi! I’m Rachel & well I guess I’m the Flamingo Lady. There is a whole team & community behind me, so, this is way more than me, but I guess it started with me, a very awkward, very weird girl, who loved color & makeup & all thing girly with just a bit of edge. (I like to say I’m majestically awkward!)

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I knew early on my dream job was to name nail polish. I just had to figure out a way to make it happen. It may have taken me awhile to get here having worked in leadership positions with prestige retail cosmetics for years, followed by technology sales & taking some time as a preschool teacher & even doing courier work. It was finally time to make my dreams come true.

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Peace, Love, Nails & Flamingos Rachel B

December 19, 2020 — Liz Ortega