Application Instructions

Tips for your Best Application
Note: not all of these steps are absolutely required. These are steps compiled to give you the best, longest lasting application.
1. Soften cuticles in warm water and/or cuticle oil and gentle push back. Then wash your hands well.
2. Wipe nails with rubbing alcohol to remove oils, soaps, lotions, etc.
3. Apply Beefcake (one thin coat) if using and let dry.
4. Apply All About That Base (one coat) and let dry.
5. Choose wraps that are slightly smaller than your nail beds. The proper fit will have a sliver of your nail showing on either side of the wrap, ensure wraps adhere fully to your nail bed, sealing out moisture.
6. Peel clear plastic cover off of wraps, and take wrap off the paper backing (best to use an orange stick or tweezers).
7. Line up the curved edge of the wrap slightly above your cuticle and place down gently.
8. Press the wrap firmly onto your nail bed by pressing up the middle, then around the sides. Do not pull or stretch your wraps toward the free edge, and this may result in shrinkage later.
9. Use a rubber cuticle pusher to further press the wraps firmly into place.
10. Using a glass or nano file, file the excess wrap off from the free edge. Do this by holding your file at a 45 degree angle, filing only in one direction (top to bottom), then lifting the filing and repeated as necessary until the excess comes off. Be mindful to be firm, but not overzealous in your filing. The angle, top to bottom filing, and taking your time will also help ensure you don’t get shrinkage later.
11. Apply one coat of I Believe I Can Shine top coat, being sure to cap the ends at the free edge.
12. Do not fully submerge your hands in water for at least 1 full hour, preferably 
13. Enjoy your gorgeous nails!