About Us!1

Hi!  I'm Rachel Bierman from sunny Florida.  I started TFLNails when I was looking for safe & affordable nail polish strips for myself, that were non mlm & free from all the icky ingredients that other companies were selling. Over a year later....here I am. 
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Where do I get these amazing wraps?
I get asked all the time where I get my wraps & why I don’t use American manufacturers.
Well... let me answer both questions for you!
First of all, I get my wraps from a few trusted manufacturers who are tested in Germany. These vendors meet & exceed European standards.
Why are European standards important?
The EU bans over 1,300 toxic, yucky & harmful ingredients from personal care products and the US only bans 30 .
This is why I have chosen to only order from sources that meet & exceed EU standards. I only want the BEST for my customers!