Nail Wrap Ingredients

The Flamingo Lady Nails
The best nail polish strips/wraps around at the best prices. 


* 10 Free (non--toxic and safe)

* Easy to apply & remove

* Quick removal with polish remover (even the glitter ones are easy to take off) 

* Formulated without DBP, toluene & formaldehyde 


What are they made from?

Nontoxic Paper + Nail Polish + Glue + PET film


Acrylates Copolymer: We all need to be flexible, and so do our wraps!  This is a substance composed of acrylic acid (an organic compound) and methacrylic acid (another organic compound) commonly used in beauty products, especially nail products.  This ingredient keeps your wraps flexible and is also part of the adhesives making your wraps sit tight.  


Butyle Acrtate: This is used in the nail polish itself as a solvent.  You want your wraps to be uniform and gorgeous right?  Well this ingredient does that for you so that your wraps are consistent and gorgeous. Did you know you can find this substance in many fruits, especially apples? 


Adipic Acid: This organic compound is part of the actual nail polish used in the wraps to ensure that your wraps stay on as long as possible.  This is also used to enhance texture.  Want gorgeous color that’s smooth and doesn’t chip for days?  Then you need adipic acid. 


Polyurethane: Stick it to ‘em!  This is used as a fixative to bind polish wraps to the nails.  This is a polymer that is composed of organic materials. 


Polyethylene terephthalate (PET): Glitter all the way!  These are polymers that are chemically equivalent to the polymers used in surgical sutures. Without this ingredient we wouldn’t have glitter in our wraps!