Take Any-Where' Scented Candle: Re-usable BLACK container / Orange Creamsicle (Citrine - Orange)

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LUXURIOUS COCONUT WAX - Decadently smooth & creamy. No better, cleaner or safer wax is available. Gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free and soy free. FRAGANCE - More than double the usual amount of scent in every candle. Free of irritants, paraben & phthalate. 

 Custom made reusable 'seamless' container tins)

2 x WICKS ARE BETTER THAN ONE - Double wicked candles may decrease overall burn times, but add so much to the experience, ambience and your overall enjoyment. Our 2 wick design provides a smooth, clean burn to efficiently release their scent.

UNIQUE FEATURE (Color Reveals while Burning) - Each candle is topped with a thin layer of neutral colored wax - so as the wax pool grows - the main wax color beneath is revealed across the entire surface..

Hand poured – 100% VEGAN - Clean, Safe and Ethically Sourced