Shines Like a Diamond Top Coat with a Gel Like Finish

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This top coat creates a beautiful gel like finish, allowing the polish to last up to 2 weeks with no chipping or tip wear. With polish wraps, please refer to wear time on specific style. With the top coat you can get 2 weeks of wear. 

NOW… since this is a gel like top coat, it WILL get stringy and/or thick as time goes on.  This is completely normal for this type of top coat and can be easily fixed by running warm water over the bottle before use, or, my personal favorite, add a couple drops of a nail polish THINNER.  Hope that helps!!


Butyl Acetae, ethyl acetate,copoymer, nitocellulose, acetyl tributyl, citrate, adipic acid, /neopetyl glycol, trimellitic, 

anhydride copolymer, isopropyl; alcolo, atocrylene, trimethylpentanediyl, dibenzoate, violet 2/CI 60725

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