Mermaids Love Glitter

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Chunk a lot in Mermaids Love Glitter

Thank Charlene H for the perfect nailfie & everyone else this is a total favorite but in her words "HO-LY-MO-LY...these are beyond beautiful! The chunky glitter is super sparkly and just makes it! #InLove #TFLN" & well yeah we totally agree these are amazing ! We should all be mermaids 

  1. Non--toxic and safe (No yucky Formaldehyde)
  2. Easy to apply, & remove 
  3. High quality & Long Lasting (about 7-10 days  if you use a top coat)
  4. Brilliant and salon-quality 
  5. Quick removal with polish remover (even the glitter ones are easy to take off)
  6. 10 free of the most dangerous chemicals
  7. Cruelty free

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