COVID-19 prevention policy page

As a small in home business. We are following all CDC guidance & self isolating. We do ship from in house with the utmost care , love & safety for all. All inventory coming in is sanitized & held for at least 4 days ,before adding to website. 

Rest assured that the USPS (United States Postal Service) is in full compliance with CDC guidelines on employee safety and sanitation. These precautions are resulting in longer than normal shipping times, so shipping will take about 10 days in the USA & up to 12 weeks for international shipping. This is subject to change.

As we have noticed that shipments are taking longer, we have communicated with the USPS and have been told that tracking scans will be very inconsistent and shipping times are much longer than we are used to.  They are prioritizing essential shipments (We tried telling them nails are essential!), and that they put everything on hold periodically to sanitize EVERYTHING.  Please be especially patient during this time.

You can read about the precautions the USPS is taking here. There is also a link to the CDC guidelines being followed within the article.