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Triangle & Flatten Flamingo Set

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2 amazing Stainless Steel Tools that will make your perfect mani a breeze 


Features and Functions: 

Dual-End Cuticle Pusher Tool - peaked end to cut or scrape away dead cuticle, curved end (spoon-like end) pushes the cuticles back flawlessly & this is the perfect tool to smooth the wraps down game changing! 

Nail Polish Scraper - Creative triangle design, the cuticle remover tool is designed to get rid of dead cuticle without miss any small gap. quickly even in your most vulnerable nail edge. Combine this with Cuticle oil ,for the Flamingo recommend wrap removal

Anti-slip Handle - Makes it easier to control the tools, ensuring every step can be done accurately to avoid damage to the nails. Hello Perfection! 

High Quality Stainless Steel Material - Allows safe sterilization and preventing corrosion to maintain healthy nail. 

Application - Easier and more comfortable to remove nail polish and dead cuticles, you won't puncture your delicate skin under your nail. 


Material: stainless steel 


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