Meet Our Head Flamingo

Meet Our Head Flamingo

Liz Ortega |

Hi! I’m Rachel & well I guess I’m the Flamingo Lady. There is a whole team & community behind me, so, this is way more than me, but I guess it started with me, a very awkward, very weird girl, who loved color & makeup & all thing girly with just a bit of edge. (I like to say I’m majestically awkward!)

Anyway, since I was born in 1970, nail polish was well kind of on the boring side. I was the weird kid mixing colors to get the perfect shade adding, mixing, & blending ‘til I came up with the perfect mix of magical polish. Meanwhile, my mom had no clue I was altering all her makeup. (Oops, guess she does now.) I mean who wanted boring orange & brown nails.

I knew early on my dream job was to name nail polish. I just had to figure out a way to make it happen. It may have taken me awhile to get here having worked in leadership positions with prestige retail cosmetics for years, followed by technology sales & taking some time as a preschool teacher & even doing courier work. It was finally time to make my dreams come true.

I knew it was important to find absolutely incredible, good for you, nail care. Most of what is out there is well kind of scary. So, I made it my mission to find the absolute best in good for you, 10 free or better nail care that is beyond beautiful & will make you feel amazing & be affordable. So, in July of 2017, The Flamingo Lady Nails was born & well, now I get to name nail polish & you get to have amazing natural nails with millions of options.

Peace, Love, Nails & Flamingos Rachel B

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