Bachelor in Paradise Episode 3 Recap

Bachelor in Paradise Episode 3 Recap

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Bachelor in Paradise Episode 3

Side note: the part of  Kylee will be played by a new Barbie from now on (she looks more like Kylee) 

After the rose ceremony the night before, we open with everyone vibing (word of the season). Aaron is talking to Sean & they are discussing the couples. Aaron says that the established couples are 



Jess & Blake & they seem pretty strong

Sam & himself & he really like her. 

Sean & Rachel & Aaron says to Sean that he likes them together. 

Pete & Olviia & he called that a surface-level BS relationship. 

Kylee & Aven seem solid. 

Blake & Jess are a good fit. 

Arron & Eliza, whom he says, mark his word, and they will stay together. 

Braydon & Kat, whom he calls the strongest couple 

& Will & Mercedes, which is so new, so who knows. 


They cut to the guys vibing & Braydon is talking about how he realllllllly likes Kat. He can't believe he developed feelings this fast. He calls her Quirky & goofy (dude, her favorite color is beige. She is not quirky) & says he is falling in LOVE with her. He has all the feels & she is the only girl for him! 


Then we have Kat talking to production & she says she is sooo into Braydon & can't imagine wanting to pursue someone else; she's just not like that. Braydon is a "Sweet Boy." (ummm, no one that is into a guy for real calls him a "Sweet Boy." ) I mean, really! She does say she has "Deep Feelings," so she knows maybe I'm wrong... 


In walks Tanner to Greet Jessie.

He says he really wants to meet Kat (I mean, what could go wrong here) & Jess (who are like total BFFs, by the way). 


Side note: Jess, from day one introductions, has said that Tanner was her #1 choice of guy she was there to meet. 


Tanner, of course, gets his date card; I mean, he can't go to the beach empty-handed. & heads down to stir things up a bit 


Jess & Blake, along with Braydon & Kat, are just sitting down having drinks together and chatting. 


All the girls are like, wow, Tanner is hooooot & the men are scared cause now they are outnumbered & he's coming for someone's girl. 


Everyone is greeting Tanner 

The first one he talks to is Jess

Their connection seems quite awkward. She is stiff & nervous. She tells him she has been talking to Blake & you can just tell she doesnt want to connect with Tanner & he doesnt say much other than she looks pretty in blue. 


Next up to talk to Tanner is...


Kat : 

She tells him she has connected with Braydon, but it's early & she mentions that he must know him from being on the same season. They chat a little bit about that & she compares Braydon to a ....


Golden Retriever. (she is so not into him.) 



Meanwhile, the whole time Tanner & Kat are chatting, Braydon is freaking out. 


He asks Kat on a date.


Kat says she would like to go. (uh oh)

She does not say anything to Braydon; she just gets up & gets ready to go. 


She walks out all ready & Braydon says Wow! You look gorgeous & she walks by him & says nothing. (yikes)

Tanner walks up & they walk away. 


As Olivia narrates, things are just going to get messier. 


Olivia pointed out that Tanner was Jess's #1 & Jess and Kat are BFFs. What could go wrong here?  


They get a horseback riding Date. 


Things are going well & they are sitting on the beach drinking champagne & Tanner kisses Kat. 

They go for a dip in the ocean & are reallllllllly making out, like realllly , reallly making out. 

& back at the beach, Braydon is freaking out. Everyone is talking about how awesome Braydon is & how yucky Kat is. 

Side Note:  They are totally setting up Braydon to be The Bachelor! They even had an ad saying if you are the kinda girl who likes Golden Retrievers, you should apply.  I mean, I could be wrong. Maybe   


The couples are vibing & talking about important things like being natural blonds & stuff like that. Aaron says to Eliza I know it's early, but your, my boo. 


Sean does a quick couple recap. 

He & Rachel, Aven & Kylee, Aaron B & Eiza, Mercedes & Will, Jess & Blake & they are all just vibibng (for right now)


Will is talking about how he has had a rough week but is really vibing with Mercedes now. 


Next up to the Beach is 


Tyler N from Rachel's season of The Bachelorette 


First, he talks to Rachel, his Ex-Girlfriend. 

they have an excellent natural conversation & then talks to Jess

another weird talk (she is really into Blake)

He then talks to Mercedes. 

They have a great connection, flirty & fun. 


He asks Mercedes on a date, and she says yes.


Will is sad....


Now we have the 


Poop story:


Poor Sam is never around the cause, well. Frankly, she is always trying to poop, but nine days later, still no poo & the Doctor is talking about a poop baby. & now we have a long segment of Sam talking to the Doctor about poo. Now he says if she doesn't poo by sunrise, she has to leave Paradise & get help delivering the Poop Baby... Uh oh!



It's now nighttime in Paradise & Tanner & Kat are back from their date. 



Braydon pulls Kat aside to talk. She says she rode a horse. & now she is, uh oh! Telling Braydon she does not see her feelings growing anymore for him. She tells him he would be a great person for someone else. C-ya. I wouldn't want to be ya & she walks away. To do her own thing. 


Braydon is crushed... He feels played & he talks to everyone 


Kat comes back down to the beach & Kylee says listen, you need to talk to Braydon. He is really hurt & feels you were cold & gets this ... She is mad that he is sad. She is soooo mad. 


She pulls Braydon to talk & she tells him she feels like he was just a rose. & then she gets mad at him for feeling that way. Like she was truly pissed off at him for feeling hurt. He says he feels like a "Dirty Whore" (lol). She keeps getting mad at him for being hurt & walks away. Telling him he is being confrontational. 


Now we have Tyler's & Mercedes's date. 

It's dinner by moonlight & candles & ohhhh, they see a shooting star. Could this be a sign?

He tells her he came there to meet her. The date is going really well & he kisses her. There are fireworks like literal fireworks. They are kissing on the beach in the moonlight with fireworks above them. 



Will is talking to Wells about how he is sad. He has had a challenging week with two girls breaking his heart. 


They walk back up the beach holding hands & then she says to Will hey, let's talk. 

She says listen, I need to think & sleep on this; I did have a good time with Tyler.



Now we are back to Sam's Poop Watch.

She now needs to tell Aaron that if she doesn't poo, she must go. Like she might need surgery & will have to leave if she doesn't poo tonight. 


He says it's our poop, baby I'm going to help you (oddly sooo romantic) 



He brings her all kinds of food and shots of olive oil & beans & they sit down for a romantic dinner to make "S--T happen." Then he takes her for a walk on the beach to exercise to move things along better. He spends all night trying to get her to pooh so she can stay in Paradise. (he must really want a rose) (kidding). It's really very romantic & sweet. 


& now we wait for next week like, omg, enough with the poop story. Does she poo or not? We need to know. 



Make sure to check back next week for Episode 4 & to find out if 

Sam Poos'

What happens when two new guys arrive in Paradise 

& the Truth Box comes out. 


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