Bachelor in Paradise Episode 2

Bachelor in Paradise Episode 2

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Paradise Episode 2

First comes up the cast intros. These are fun & ever-changing with the cast with the Almost Paradise song. It's kinda of perfection. Corny perfection, but hey, we are here for the corn & tea, so let's get back to the beach...

Episode 2 starts off where we left off for Episode 1.

Fresh, after Will finally talks to Olivia & says you cute & all, but Kylee, she is like my #1 & I just want her.

Olivia is still bitching to anyone who will listen to how Kylee will dump Will as soon as Aven walks on the beach.

& then, of course, Aven walks down the beach & says Hey Jessie, what's up! Jessie, here is a Date Card. Enjoy

& yup, you totally guessed it. Kylee was up in a hot second to say Hi & saying how it was insane she was meeting him for the first time cause he had been liking her Instagram posts & sending fire emojis for a while now. (I'm sure he totally does not send other women fire emojis)

Aven's date card reads, Get Ready to Make some Waves. Hmmm, yes, let's make some waves around here.

Tidal Wave Incoming

The first one to chat with Aven is, well, of course, Kylee.

She does tell him about her date with Will & says, "I'm a hot commodity around here,"

Next up to talk to Aven is, of course, Olivia, who says Aven is HOOOOOOOOT!!!! I'm totally positive that production had nothing to do with this conversation. Anyway, she tells Aven that the only "real Couple" on the beach is Will & Kylee (lol).

& Aven asks...

Kylee & she says Heck yeah, I'll go! Now it's time for her to tell Will!

She tells him she needs to know in her heart that Aven isn't all that before she can know, know she wants to be with Will (so um, like if I don't like Aven, I will still need a rose)

Now it's time for a Boat Date.

The date starts a bit strange; they both seem uncomfortable around each other. They then open well. Try to open a bottle of bubbly & even that goes. Awkwardly, Finally, they get that cork out & Kyle just goes for it & they start to make out (hey, what better way to get over the awkward first date jitters). So things have gone from awkward to Kylee waking up next Aven every morning & having a bunch of babies. To be fair, she has been saying that since before he got her (you know before Will came along)


Let's go back & see what is going on at the beach.

Will is sad & moping around cause, you know, (Kylee)

We have some couples doing couple things

Brayden & Kat: Brayden is reallllly into Kat

Sean & Rachel

Sam & the other Aaron

Jess & Blake & hmmm

what do we have here

Aaron is all into Eliza. Hmmm, he was just making out with Mercedes the night before. Hmm, Wonder How will this will end?

Everything is all casual till Hannah Brown walks on the beach.

Yup, that Hannah Brown, Ex Bachelorette & badass winner of Special Forces who is also absolutely gorgeous

She walks in with her card & starts to talk to a few guys & asks them questions about their connections & the girls are freaking out, especially Kat, who feels she can't remotely compete with Hannah. After a little, she reveals she has found love, but she is here to Stir things up with a very special bonfire tonight.

& now we have Fire

Everyone is around the bonfire, including Aven & Kylee & Hannah is here to ask some deep questions to get the juicy details on these 2 day old relationships. The bonfire is kinda silly. The only real drama she digs up is that Olvia said her life would be easier on the beach without Kylee. I mean, I, for one, am shocked she doesn't like Kylee. I would never have known that without this bonfire.

Now we have the Kylee Will talk. (Hmmm, I wonder how will this go? )

She tells Will that although he has everything she has ever wanted in a man, there are just more sparks with Aven. Although it's so scary, she needs to give that spark a chance (wow, that's really brave of her). Anyway, she goes off to tell Aven how good their conversation went. & how it's just him & always been just him & Will is crushed & shocked (I mean, we are all surprised how that worked out, especially Olivia )


Tonight is Rose ceremony night & 4 girls are going home, so now it's time to scramble.

We know or think that
Aven will give Kylee his rose.
Aaron B to Eliza
& Sam & the other Arron
& Jess & Blake
these couples seem pretty 2 days solid

That leaves Will & Peter with roses.

& a whole lot of girls who want them. Let's see how this goes

Mercedes seems to go full force into Will & even says she has liked him since day one but did not want to get involved in all the drama. Will seems to be relieved & they start to make out a bit. Kylee sees them kissing & starts cheering.

& now we have Peter, the pilot.

Greer, Brooklyn, Cat, and Olivia all try their best shot & he, well, he says I really like Sam, so I gotta take my shot. It's weird, considering Sam & Aaron seem really solid & happy, but hey, make your move. This should go well.

So he makes his move. Sam & Aaron are having their hey, I really like you chat & let's see how things go & Peter walks over to talk to Sam. She tells him to wait so she can finish her conversation with Aaron.

So he waits about 6 feet away, dancing by himself in a total, not awkward at all situation. When he finally shoots his shot, get this: his line is, " You're the most mature lady here, so we shoudl be mature together??? Soo yeah, surprisingly enough, she turned him down.

What should have been the end of that story, but now Sean overheard & must tell Aaron, who then confronts Peter while he is talking to Olivia. But now it's time for the

The 1st Rose Ceremony

Braydon gives his Rose to Kat

Blake to Jess
Aaron B to Eliza

Will gives his rose to Mercedes
Sean to Rachel
Aven to Kylee

Sam & the other Aaron
Peter to...

Olivia, who he feels deserves another chance at happiness.

This sends
Greer, Cat, and Brooklyn home.

Next week's previews look like Tanner is coming to shake things up with Brayodn & Kat & Sam really needs to poop.

See you next week for episode 3

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